Supporting Black Entrepreneurs with Free Marketing And Mentorship Opportunities.
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Black+ is an annual initiative between VICE Media Group and The National Urban League to provide Black-owned businesses with pro-bono media campaigns, creative marketing services, and mentorship opportunities.

This multi-year initiative is providing Black entrepreneurs with the tools to grow their ideas and develop successful businesses. The Black+ program was created to provide a sustainable solution to positively impact Black businesses and their owners. We are committed to closing the gap that exists for Black businesses by offering our award-winning media capabilities and opportunities to Black entrepreneurs free of charge.


Black & Cremè

Black & Cremè is a Black woman-owned, eco-awareness boutique where sustainable designers, small businesses, local California designers, and international fair trade organizations sell their products along with an in-house curated jewelry collection.

PerryCo Shoes

PerryCo Shoes is changing the sneaker industry by striving towards equality for all. At PerryCo, they pride themselves in being a unisex brand. They are breaking gender barriers while delivering high-quality, wearable versatility and style.


WHENSMOKECLEARS, launched in 2016 by Thermal Taveras, has genderless accessories, and footwear. The first collection was nearly destroyed in a fire inspiring a fire torch and radiant heart as emblems to see clearly during the flares of adversity.

Southern Roots Vegan Bakery

Southern Roots is a gourmet vegan bakery specializing in plant-based southern classics They ship nationwide, create custom corporate packages and wholesale. They have been nominated Best Vegan Bakery in the country for the last two years.

Body Butter Lady

Starting as a home-based business making products in their kitchen, Body Butter lady is a vegan skincare brand with body butters, scrubs, and more. Now, they have a manufacturing facility in the heart of downtown Inglewood on Market St.


Anima Iris

Anima Iris pulls inspiration from the matriarchs of its past. Every piece is handcrafted by seasoned professionals in Dakar, Senegal. With centuries old African craftsmanship, artisans add quality to create limited edition pieces.

Cee Cee’s Closet NYC

Cee Cee's Closet offers beauty and heritage. Headwraps are a timeless expression of African culture and beauty. Cee Cee’s Closet’s headwraps were born out of a more practical need to take better care of hair curls with fashionable protection.

Girl’s Vacation Club

Girls Vacation Club offers pre-planned and custom girls trips with none of the hassle of planning.


Glory, a new kind of skincare brand powered by women of color, is on a mission to help women of every hue make better choices about their skin health.

Health in Her HUE

Health In Her HUE is a digital platform that connects Black women and women of color to culturally competent and sensitive healthcare providers, and offers health information and content that centers their lived experiences.

My Home Pathway

Homeownership isn’t just the right of the few, it is an achievable goal for all Americans. Regardless of credit score, student loan balance, or inherited wealth, My Home Pathway can positively impact the financial health of generations to come.

On the Go Jo Coffee

On The Go Jo started in 2018 by three girlfriends serving innovative drinks from their mobile coffee cart in Chicago. Now, customers can enjoy their specialty coffees, hand-crafted loose-leaf teas, and all-natural simple syrups in their own home.

Perfect Blue Alchemy

Perfect Blue Alchemy makes handcrafted organic, vegan, and natural perfumes, body products, and home items from organic essential oils and organic plant oils. They are woman and minority owned, founded in 2015.

Pholk Beauty

Pholk Beauty is a vegan skincare line inspired by the folk beauty and botanicals of the African Diaspora. With their motto “Food for the Soul,” this botanical brand marries local ingredients and African-derived beauty wisdom.

Planet FWD Moonshot

Moonshot is using food to fight climate change. As the founders looked around, it became clear that using the power of food is the most impactful way to tackle climate change — at least 25% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from our food!

PUR Home

PUR Home is dedicated to creating natural and safe household cleaning products that can be used by anyone, giving special consideration to selecting ingredients that are plant-based, biodegradable, sulfate-free, and non-toxic.

Soul Brew Kombucha

Soul Brew Kombucha is a refreshing and carbonated fermented beverage that is a healthy low-sugar alternative to soda. Each brew is skillfully crafted in small batches, using local ingredients, to ensure its full bodied integrity in every sip.


What is the Black+ Initiative?

Black+ is an annual initiative between VICE Media Group and The National Urban League to provide Black-owned businesses with pro-bono media campaigns, creative marketing services, and mentorship opportunities.

Upon meeting the selection criteria, Black business owners across varied industries are encouraged to apply to be a part of the Black+ initiative. Once our application window closes, VICE Media Group and The National Urban League will then select twelve businesses to participate in the program. Once selected, Black business owners will have access to VICE Media Group’s award-winning marketing capabilities to craft strategic and creative advertising campaigns that drive awareness to their respective brands. VICE Media Group with the help of The National Urban League will also provide mentorship opportunities to our selected Black-owned brands.

How do I apply to be a part of Black+?

To apply to the Initiative, submit the online application form available here (the “Application”) during the Application Period. 

Applications will be accepted by online entry only. No other method of entry will be accepted. All entries must be received by the end of the Application Period to be valid. 

Limit one (1) entry per person/email address/business.

Applicants must fully complete, submit, and upload all information requested in the Application, as directed, during the Application Period in order to be eligible. 

All entries must include a valid e-mail address and phone number for the applicant.

 Applicants must acknowledge their agreement to these Terms and Conditions by clicking in the relevant box at the end of the Application. 

Applicants are solely responsible for Internet connectivity, software and/or hardware that may be required in order to create and/or submit their Application, including any files. 

Applications, including attachments, that do not comply with these Terms and Conditions and/or are incomplete or inaccurate will be void, eliminated and not eligible for consideration.

By submitting an Application, you represent that the materials submitted are original and have been created by you and/or that all necessary rights have been secured and disclosed in the event they were developed by others.

Who is eligible to apply for the Black+?

To be eligible for the Initiative, applicants and their business must meet all of the following criteria:

  • - Applicant is eighteen (18) years of age or older as of the date the Application is submitted; 
  • - Applicant is an owner of the business;
  • - Applicant identifies as Black or African American;
  • - At least fifty-one percent (51%) of the business is owned, controlled, operated and managed by Black or African American owners; 
  • - Business is for-profit, based in the United States or the District of Columbia and is incorporated as a legal entity under the laws of any state within the United States or the District of Columbia (United States territories are excluded) 
  • - Business satisfies each of the following requirements: (A) business has been operating for more than six (6) months; (B) Business has a functional, shoppable website; and (C) business has the ability to sell and/or distribute its products and/or services throughout the United States.
When does the application close?

The 2022 Black+ Initiative application period commences on May 17, 2022 at 12:00 AM Eastern Time (ET) and closes on July 8, 2022 at 11:59 PM ET (the “Application Period”) or until we reach 300 applicants, whichever comes first.

What will my business receive if chosen for the Black+?

The five Black businesses chosen for the Black+ initiative will receive access to VICE Media Group’s marketing capabilities and resources to propel their business. This includes a mix of pro-bono media creative services, and integration into content from VICE Media Group and the National Urban League. Once chosen, we’ll schedule consultations with each of the five businesses to gain a better understanding of each entrepreneur’s business and the marketing/advertising services that are needed prior to launching a pro-bono campaign.

How are the Black businesses chosen to participate in Black+?

Eligible Applications will be reviewed by members of a committee consisting of a panel of VICE Media Group employees and National Urban League representatives. The finalists, and ultimately the Recipients, will be selected from among all eligible applicants based on the following criteria:

i.Innovation (25%): Is this business innovative? What makes it different or unique? Does it address an industry pain point faced by consumers? Does the business meet an identifiable need and actively test market response?

ii.Audience (25%): How will the business be received by VICE’s audience? Is the business within industries often advertised to VICE’s audience? Does the business have a sound target market and customer base?

iii.Brand Value (25%): Does the business meet VICE’s Black+ brand value requirements? Is the business active in the betterment of the Black community?

iv.Initiative Benefit (25%): Will participating in this Initiative have a measurable positive effect on the business?

In the event of a tie, the review committee will select the business that has the higher score under the “Initiative Benefit” category.

How will I know if my business is chosen for the Black+?

VICE Media Group will reach out to the contact information provided on the application by Late-July 2022 to confirm your business has been chosen and provide next steps for the program.

Businesses that are not selected for Black+ will be listed in an internal database for future opportunities and/or potentially uplifted through VMG editorial programs.

What are the official Terms and Conditions for Black+?

Please see here for the Official Rules.

Who can I contact if I have more questions about Black+?

Please email us at if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Where can I go for more resources that will help my business?

Please visit the National Urban League for resources on how to grow your business. Also check out past work from Refinery29 and VICE on Black entrepreneurs stories.